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In the end we all become stories

Margaret Atwood

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Hey; usually I’m a private person, but I’m in the mood to overshare today. So today; I wrote an incourse(an exam/test- ish for medical students) and afterwards I suddenly started craving pie. You’re probably wondering why this random piece of information? Here’s a little background story; I’m not a big fan of meatpie or any…


…that was the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship, Noel would roll his eyes and say I’m proud for saying this but I will anyways; we had the best friendship anyone could experience… Until the sleepovers began. Last week on MY “BESTIE” The sleepovers didn’t just “begin”… Here’s how they started. On one of…

MY “BESTIE” pt 3(Lara’s POV)

We met during my third year in Uni, as someone who isn’t keen on experiencing new things, I didn’t think so much of him. He was just a friend of a friend, at least at first. We started to see each other more often, we had mutual friendship groups, had classes together, we even stayed…


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Ondo state, Nigeria

I just read it now. I love it! I could imagine all what was happening, Written in a way the reader can so relate. When you start putting money on it, I’ll be glad to pay.

Final year nursing student, O.A.U.

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